Flight Operations Manual

Your comprehensive guide to safe and efficient flying. Our meticulously crafted manual provides essential information and procedures to ensure smooth operations, enhance safety measures, and comply with aviation regulations. From the flight department’s organizational structure to safety management procedures, our manual covers all aspects of flight operations, empowering pilots with the knowledge and tools they need to navigate the skies with confidence and precision.

With user-friendly organization and clear instructions, our Flight Operations Manual (FOM) is a necessity on all corporate aircraft. Whether you need to develop a FOM that meets IS-BAO standards, or a simple set of sound and practical policies and procedures for your operations, Mad Dog Global will work with you to custom build a manual that will meet your needs and reflect your operating philosophy. We incorporate industry best practices and up-to-date guidelines, equipping pilots with the latest insights and techniques for effective flight operations.

Key benefits

Aircraft and Operator-Specific Expertise

Mad Dog Global specializes in providing tailored solutions for aircraft and operators, leveraging our in-depth knowledge and experience to deliver customized manuals, consulting, and support services that align precisely with the unique requirements of each client.

Promoting Safety and Compliance

Mad Dog Global prioritizes safety and compliance as core values, offering comprehensive solutions and guidance that help clients establish robust safety protocols, adhere to industry regulations, and maintain a strong commitment to the highest standards of aviation safety.

More information

Mad Dog Global's Flight Operations Manual is a comprehensive document that outlines standard operating procedures and guidelines for flight operations. It covers critical areas such as pre-flight preparations, in-flight procedures, emergency protocols, crew responsibilities, and operational policies to ensure safe and efficient flight operations.

Our Flight Operations Manual serves as a vital resource for airlines and flight crews, providing standardized procedures and best practices to promote operational consistency, enhance safety, and optimize efficiency. It establishes clear guidelines and protocols for various flight scenarios, enabling flight crews to operate effectively and confidently.

Absolutely! Mad Dog Global recognizes that each airline has unique operational requirements. Our team works closely with airlines to customize the Flight Operations Manual, aligning it with specific organizational policies, procedures, and aircraft types. This ensures that the manual reflects the airline's specific needs and supports their operational objectives effectively.
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